Friday, October 5, 2007

Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fiction is a literary genre where the reader must participate actively. It is a cross between a book and a game. Everything is in second person and you have to write it with minimal expectations about what has happened before or after any point in the story. This is not easy. I have blogged on this subject twice before.

I was so intrigued by this genre that I tried my hand at it by writing a piece and entering it into a competition. I invite you to read my submission. My piece is called Reconciling Mother.


Brian said...

Hi, the rules of the competition don't allow "canvassing for votes". (See rule 5 at:

Plone Glenn said...

Mea culpa. I guess that I should read the rules more carefully before I enter a competition. It never would occur to me that canvassing for votes would be considered bad since that is the heart of the democratic process.

All references to voting have been removed.