Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Student Web

The world wide web is the best thing that ever happened to college students. Why? Because there are so many free, online resources for learning. How could students not benefit?

The biggest and perhaps most obvious advantage is the rise in power and effectiveness of search engines. Every term paper should now sport a “powered by Google” logo on the title page. Most schools now don't even let you register without a computer because students without one would be at too serious a disadvantage.

But that's not all. From free software to free online help with homework to student advocacy, web sites of all shapes and sizes cater to the profiles of students.

For example, if you are taking an online course and you need to meet with your group, discuss a topic, then publish the results for the rest of the class to review, then you should check out Conversational Content Management. If you have ever participated in a chat room, then you already know what to do. Once you are done, ask the reporter to publish the document and the assignment is finished. All for free, of course.

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